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Fatal car accidents can lead to complicated litigation

It may not be something anyone wants to think about, but when a car accident happens, there is a chance that the wreck is devastating enough to cause fatal injuries to any of the people involved in the crash. When a person dies in a motor vehicle accident, their loved ones will want to know the circumstances of the crash, and they may pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver that is at fault for the crash.

So how does wrongful death litigation function in the wake of a car accident? The first thing to realize is that you have to be able to prove that another driver was negligent or reckless in the crash.

How to avoid a Homecoming DUI charge

It is homecoming season for many Pennsylvania college and university students. With all the excitement is in the air and celebrations going on, some college goers may participate in some unsafe and questionable activities like binge drinking and driving. If you are still in the process of making your homecoming plans, make sure you take the consequences of your actions into consideration. 

You do not want your most unforgettable homecoming moment to be about you being arrested for drinking and driving. You may feel pressure from your friends and colleagues. If you give in, you could end up with a homecoming DUI. Take some time to review the following ways you can avoid placing your future in jeopardy. 

Distracted driving allegedly at fault for fatal wreck

While the following story may be lacking in details, the content of the story is important for everyone to hear. A woman in Pennsylvania will stand trial after being accused of texting while driving prior to causing a fatal car accident.

According to a preliminary hearing, the 21-year-old woman at the center of the case was driving her car last November when she approached a red light. Instead of stopping, she plowed right through the light and into another car, causing that vehicle to go spinning out of control and into a crosswalk. A 56-year-old pedestrian was walking in the crosswalk, and she was struck and killed in the accident.

Ending an unfulfilling marriage

Divorce is often portrayed as a terrible thing that every couple should try to avoid. However, it is unrealistic to think that every marriage will work out. Some people get married to soon. Others live long happy lives together, but learn over time that they aren't right for each other. And some couples just grow apart or change significantly, to the point that staying together is no longer an option. Should these couples just ignore their feelings because of the perceived notion that divorce is "bad?"

The fact of the matter is that unhappy couples living in an unfulfilling marriage should seek counseling -- and if their marriage can't be saved, then a divorce shouldn't be seen as the shameful option. Divorce can help fix what is wrong with your marriage: itself.

Effective defense strategies when facing a DUI

An unyielding myth about drunk driving offenses is that the person who is accused of the crime will be found guilty. This is an obvious myth because everyone has the right to due process and a fair trial, in addition to the presumed innocence of an accused person. However, it is a pervasive sentiment that many people share, whether it be due to convenient preconceived notions or because it sounds plausible on the surface.

But in reality, people accused of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol have some viable defense strategies that they can utilize to defend themselves when criminal charges are filed against them. What are some of these strategies? Let's discuss a few of them:

Road is cleared for self-driving cars to become more common sight

The U.S. House of Representatives made a unanimous decision recently, a rarity in these politically divisive times. Last week, the House passed a new measure that will allow auto manufacturers to release 25,000 self-driving cars per year out on U.S. roads even if they don't meet safety standards that other vehicles must pass before being deployed. The measure is meant to accelerate the rise of self-driving cars and, ultimately, reduce the number of car accidents out on the road.

The number of autonomous vehicles auto makers can release each year will rise to 100,000 per year over time. The measure will now go to the Senate, where it is expected to be changed given the criticism safety advocates have lobbed at the measure.

Car may have been distracted prior to causing 4-vehicle wreck

A terrible car accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike left three people hospitalized and the police searching for answers about the crash. The accident occurred near a work zone, where a van and a tanker truck were stopped. A red car was pulling up to the area and failed to stop. As a result, the driver of the red car tried to swerve out of the way, but the vehicle collided with a box truck, causing both of the vehicles to crash and, ultimately, become entangled with the van and the tanker truck.

One person in the van was taken to a hospital after the crash, as was the passenger of the red vehicle that started the entire crash. The driver of the red vehicle was pinned inside for 45 minutes as emergency responders tried to extricate him. He was unconscious initially but regained consciousness later on and was talking by the end of the extrication effort.

Child custody: get legal help when the topic arises

Many people think of child custody as a blanket legal issue that is applied in one fell swoop. But in reality, there are plenty of intricate situations when applying child custody -- and child custody also comes in many different forms.

Child custody has two forms, and then those forms are applied in two different ways. Physical custody is one of the forms, and it relates to a parent's right to have the child live with them. Legal custody, on the other hand, relates to a parent's ability to dictate how his or her child lives, what education they receive, what religion they believe, what healthcare they receive, and so on.

Helmet camera helps catch reckless driver

We've talked about motorcycle accidents on this blog before. They are a huge problem because the motorcyclists are often left with serious or fatal injuries. Motorcycles simply have very few safety features, and there aren't many protective options that motorcyclists have other than a helmet, gloves, and some padded clothing.

But there is one piece of equipment that motorcyclists can, and should, use to at least give them a new tool to use when they are out on the road: helmet cameras.

A truck's cargo: how it can be a critical factor in accidents

A few months ago, we wrote a post about truck accidents and how these incredibly serious wrecks can cause fatal injuries to innocent people. They are a real problem, and until self-driving technology truly takes over and eliminates a vast swath of common accident causes, truck accidents will always be an issue.

We would like to examine one particular factor with truck accidents today: the cargo. Any materials or objects that a truck is carrying could be a central reason as to why a truck accident occurred in the first place. So how could this be?