Protect Yourself From Collections

Have you been served with a complaint from a creditor regarding past-due payments? You may have only 20 days to address the matter and avoid a snap judgment.

Attorney David Engle has been assisting people in debt throughout central Pennsylvania for more than 20 years. Our goal is to relieve the legal worries of a person who has been sued for money so they can focus on getting back on track financially. We utilize legitimate collection defenses that can prevent a quick judgment or quick foreclosure sale.

Understanding Your Defenses

Often people served with a complaint lose their sense of hope, thinking that the only way out may be to file bankruptcy, even if they are not quite ready to do so. We understand the stress and worry that accompanies this situation.

As your legal advocate, we will make sure the creditor has not violated any fair debt collection laws when threatening you and demanding that you pay a debt or make mortgage payments. We will also check the accuracy of the creditor reports, looking to see if they have the correct credit card account number or Social Security number, for example. We will aggressively challenge the complaint regarding inaccuracies and/or violations of consumer rights. Whether it's a matter of creditors or if you are seeking assistance for foreclosure defense, we are on your side.

Don't Wait To Contact A Lawyer

If creditors are harassing you to make a payment or have filed a complaint, come to our State College office today. We can help stop creditor harassment and avoid creditor judgments against you. Call us at 814-308-0894 to speak with a collections defense lawyer or contact us online.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.