Comprehensive Personal Injury Representation

Located in State College, the personal injury attorneys at Engle, Kauffman & VanHorn, P.C. help accident victims and their families throughout Central Pennsylvania obtain the fair and just compensation they deserve. This includes compensation for medical expenses (past and future), property damage, lost wages (past and future), and pain and suffering. Call 814-308-0894 for a free consultation.

Put A Tough, Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer On Your Side

Experienced State College personal injury attorney, David Engle, has been helping accident victims with their claims since 1989. He handles many types of personal injury claims, including the following:

  • Auto accidents: sometimes referred to as a car accident, automobile collision, or car wreck
  • Motorcycle accidents: sometimes referred to as a motorcycle wreck or a bike accident
  • Trucking accidents: sometimes referred to as a tractor trailer accident, a semi truck accident, a big rig accident, or an 18 wheeler accident
  • Pedestrian and bicycle accidents: including pedestrians or bicycles struck by a car, bus, motorcycle, or truck
  • Premises liability: including animal attacks; slip, trip, and fall claims; inadequate security, construction claims, and other premises liability claims
  • Dog bites: including "knockdown" cases and serious injury from dog bites or dog attacks
  • Slip and fall claims: including inadequate lighting, foreign substances, non-maintained walkways and parking lots, and stairwells in disrepair
  • Construction accidents: including falling debris, scaffolding accidents, and construction machinery or moving vehicle accidents
  • Product liability: including injury or death from dangerous or defective products, including machinery, tools, devices, drugs, auto parts, and defective product designs
  • Serious injury and wrongful death claims: including head, brain and spine injuries, closed head wounds, paralysis, paraplegia, quadriplegia, blindness, severed limbs, deafness, and death

Dealing With An Injury

PIAccidents happen, in the workplace, on our roads and highways, and everywhere we go. Some accidents are caused by reckless or negligent people. Others are caused by dangerous or defective products. No matter what the cause of your accident, it can have a dramatic impact on your life, and the lives of your family members.

In an instant, your medical expenses can substantially increase, and your income can substantially decrease. Your level of stress will significantly rise as you worry about your bills, your family, and your health.

Although we cannot fix everything, we can help you deal with your medical bills and other accident related expenses, and your complicated claim for compensation. We will take care of all of the details involved in handling your claim for compensation so you can focus on what matters most: your recovery and your family.

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For more information regarding Pennsylvania personal injury laws, or to discuss your accident claim with an experienced personal injury attorney, please schedule a free confidential consultation by calling us at 814-308-0894, or via our contact form. There are no attorney fees unless we get you compensation. We make home and hospital visits.