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Distracted driving is about more than texting

Every driver in Pennsylvania should know that using a phone to write, read or send text messages is dangerous -- and a primary offense in this state. Massive nationwide campaigns have been launched in recent years to highlight and educate motorists of the dangers of driving while distracted by texting.

However, as dangerous as texting behind the wheel is, it is not the only form of distraction that puts people's lives in danger. 

Are drug-sniffing dogs reliable?

Dogs are incredible animals. They can be excellent protectors and loving companions. However, they are not perfect, especially when it comes to drug-sniffing dogs.

Drug-sniffing dogs are often used by police during traffic stops and other situations where police have reason to suspect there are drugs on a person or in a certain location. But just because police frequently utilize drug-sniffing dogs does not mean they are frequently accurate

Impaired driving enforcement efforts ramp up across Pennsylvania

The end of summer is just around the corner. Labor Day is coming up, students are heading back to school and people are already making plans to attend football games and Homecoming parades.

All these events are linked to the fall season, but they can also be linked to drunk driving arrests and accidents. During the coming weeks, drivers should be especially wary about driving while intoxicated or impaired, because police will be especially diligent in making arrests. 

Even in amicable divorces, informal orders may not be wise

Couples who divorce amicably and through mediation often find it easier to navigate the legal process. They can get through difficult negotiations a little faster and be more satisfied with the results. They can also shield their children from a painful, lengthy litigation process. 

However, it is important to understand that while mediation is a less formal means of divorcing, it still results in legally sound solutions. 

Can I file a lawsuit after a car accident?

After a car accident, victims often experience a range of emotions. They can be angry that someone else crashed into them and now they must get their car fixed and possibly miss work. They might be scared about injuries and whether they will recover. They can also be confused as to whether they have any legal options.

In this post, we will help readers address the last point of whether there may be grounds to file a legal claim after a car accident. To get a better understanding of your options, it can be important to answer a few important questions.

Challenging field drug test results

Imagine you are driving when you suddenly spot the red and blue flashing lights of a police car behind you. You pull over, the officer approaches you, and after a brief exchange, you wind up in the back of a police car, arrested for a drug-related offense.

Unfortunately, this is not an imaginary scenario for many people across Pennsylvania. It is a real situation with real consequences. However, it is crucial to remember that you have the right to defend yourself against drug charges, and this can involve working with an attorney to challenge any preliminary or field drug tests.

What do you gain when you choose mediation over court?

If you are going through a divorce, you are no stranger to stress. The process of separating from a spouse is often socially, emotionally and financially difficult. You do not want to make this part of your life any more taxing than it already is, and going to court would certainly add to the stress that is likely already mounting. There is an alternative, however, that can help you avoid court and settle your divorce. 

Mediation is an increasingly popular option for people who want to negotiate the details of their divorce without facing the pressure and expense of doing so in court. There are a few benefits you should know about if you are considering mediation. 

Don't let celebration lead to incarceration this holiday

Fourth of July is coming up, and that means people across the U.S. will be celebrating our country's independence.

Whether you plan to celebrate with friends at the bar or in your backyard with family, it is crucial that you do so responsibly, as a criminal charge for an offense like drunk driving could have serious consequences. Below, we discuss a few important reminders to think about before the holiday so that you can potentially avoid interactions with police and criminal charges.

Don't believe these 3 myths of mediation

When people get divorced, they often turn to divorced friends, family members and sometimes even co-workers seeking guidance and advice. However, as helpful as it might seem to talk to someone who has been through this difficult process, it could lead to some inaccurate information and misguided assumptions.

For instance, there are numerous myths and misconceptions about mediation, which is a model that gives divorcing parties the opportunity to settle divorce-related matters outside of court. Below, we clear up a few of these myths, as believing them could adversely affect the path of your divorce.

Keeping teen drivers safe during '100 Deadliest Days'

Summer is nearly in full swing, and for teenagers this typically means weeks of fun and relaxation.

However, summer is also a potentially dangerous time, particularly for teenage drivers. In fact, the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are known as the 100 Deadliest Days for teen drivers. With this in mind, parents should discuss with their teenage drivers some important ways to stay safe on the road this summer.