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Don't believe these 3 myths of mediation

When people get divorced, they often turn to divorced friends, family members and sometimes even co-workers seeking guidance and advice. However, as helpful as it might seem to talk to someone who has been through this difficult process, it could lead to some inaccurate information and misguided assumptions.

For instance, there are numerous myths and misconceptions about mediation, which is a model that gives divorcing parties the opportunity to settle divorce-related matters outside of court. Below, we clear up a few of these myths, as believing them could adversely affect the path of your divorce.

Keeping teen drivers safe during '100 Deadliest Days'

Summer is nearly in full swing, and for teenagers this typically means weeks of fun and relaxation.

However, summer is also a potentially dangerous time, particularly for teenage drivers. In fact, the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are known as the 100 Deadliest Days for teen drivers. With this in mind, parents should discuss with their teenage drivers some important ways to stay safe on the road this summer.

Drivers should expect additional DUI patrols this weekend

While many may be focused on travelling to their favorite holiday destination and having a great weekend, the dangers that come with Memorial Day weekend cannot be ignored.  The American Automobile Association projects nearly 30 million Americans will take to the road this weekend. Given the anticipated use of alcohol during holiday celebrations, it is understandable that safety advocates view the upcoming weekend as one of the most dangerous times to be on the road all year.

By now, you have probably seen the public service announcements warning drivers that additional patrols will be out to get drunk drivers off the road. There is tremendous political pressure behind these advertisements (as well as the drive to put more officers on the streets). After all, alcohol related crashes during holidays often receive considerable television coverage, and public officials may look like they are not properly addressing public safety issues.

What are possible defenses to a drug possession allegation?

Drug-related offenses are some of the most common types of crimes in Pennsylvania. They can affect anyone, from a stay-at-home mother with an addiction to opioids to a teenager accused of selling marijuana to friends. 

No matter who you are or what charges you may be facing, you must remember that you have the right to defend yourself against criminal charges. In this post, we will discuss a few common defenses to drug crimes. 

The perils and anger that follow a car accident

You're driving down the road and as you approach a stop sign, the vehicle behind you crashes into your back bumper. The accident is their fault, but in the heat of the moment, you don't think about that. The anxiety and stress of the crash leads to you making a bad decision -- you get angry and upset, and you flee the scene of the accident. As a result, the police arrest you for a hit and run. 

This is just one example of reacting really poorly to a motor vehicle accident. There are also plenty of drivers that get out of their car after an accident and they yell and scream at the people involved in the crash, elevating the tension of an already acrimonious moment.

Beer truck crashes, driver suffers minor injuries

More than a month ago, we wrote a post about four trucks being involved in an accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. There's no information about injuries to the people involved in the crash, and little else to go on in the story. Today, we want to continue the theme of truck accidents on this blog by discussing another wreck -- but one that centers on the cargo being carried by the truck at the time of the accident.

A truck that was carrying 60,000 cans of beer crashed on a highway, leading to suds-filled road. The truck driver veered outside his lane and, while trying to correct it, the truck toppled over due to the heavy load it was carrying. The driver suffered minor injuries in the crash.

Key facts regarding preliminary hearings

Sometimes people make mistakes or face accusations of actions that could possibly harm others. In some instances, this may lead to those people fighting criminal charges

It is important to understand the different aspects of the court process when determining a course of action. In particular, for the preliminary hearing, there are a few key facts to understand.

Calm during divorce is achievable

Going through a divorce is an incredibly difficult step, even if you only look at it from the perspective of accomplishing a legal procedure. Now add in the emotional and financial strings that are pulled throughout the process, and it is easy to understand why people say a divorce will be one of the most painful things you will go through in life. This doesn't mean that the step isn't worth taking. Far from it, actually. A divorce can be liberating and solve many of the problems you have in your life. But to achieve it, there are some tough times you have to make it through.

While you are in the midst of a divorce, remember that there are concrete measures you can take to improve the entire process.

NFL player arrested on drunk driving charge

Last week, a truly bizarre accident occurred in New York that made the headlines for numerous reasons. The accident in question involved a National Football League player that was operating his vehicle in an inebriated state of mind. The player, Jets linebacker Dylan Donahue, drove the wrong way down the Lincoln Tunnel and eventually crashed into a bus. Four passengers aboard the bus were injured in the wreck, though miraculously none of them were seriously hurt.

The accident occurred around 2 a.m. and when he was detained by police for a breath test, Donahue blew a 0.15. He has since been charged with a DWI and reckless driving. It also appears that Donahue was driving around traffic cones and exhibiting truly dangerous behavior as he entered the Lincoln Tunnel.

Pennsylvania Turnpike site of 4-truck accident

The Pennsylvania Turnpike was the site of a four-vehicle accident, where all of the vehicles involved were large trucks. Two tractor trailers and two box trucks were involved in the crash, and there are no reports about injuries to the drivers and people involved. In fact, there are almost no details about the crash at all. The one thing we do know is that the northbound lanes were closed for a period of time.

What we can easily assume from this story is that some damage was done to the vehicles, and in many truck accidents, the damage is serious. Tractor trailers and larger trucks carry so much momentum into their accidents that the vehicles and people that are ultimately hit by them often suffer horrible damage or harm.