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Does child support cover cost X? Probably.

One common questions that a lot of divorcees have after their child support payments are settled and agree to is "what can my child custody actually cover?"

This question presupposes that the payments will be heavily scrutinized and tracked. However, they won't be out of the gate. Only if serious legal complications occur or if it is clear that a misappropriation of the funds has occurred will extensive monitoring of the payments be necessary.

How to shield your children from divorce

As you prepare for your divorce in State College, you may be wondering how it will affect your children. You did not plan for your marriage to come to an end and feel heartbroken that you cannot provide your kids with the type of family life you had envisioned for them. 

You may no longer be in love with their other parent, but that does not mean you cannot take measures to keep the kids out of the conflict and turmoil that is going on. Here are some ways you can keep your children from getting involved in your divorce drama.

Accident on Turnpike involves 3 trucks and 1 car

A major motor vehicle accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Bensalem, Pennsylvania left four vehicles with damage. The wreck itself hasn't been fully explained yet, but what we do know is that three trucks and one other vehicle were involved. The other vehicle ran into the back of one of the trucks, and then behind that crash the two other trucks collided. There are few other details here, so unfortunately that sparse explanation will have to suffice for now.

The police are investigating the crash and there will surely be more information released about it soon. No injuries were reported according to the source article, but the Pennsylvania Turnpike was backed up for hours as a result of the crash.

On the nation's drunk driving problem

Drunk driving is an infuriating reason for a car accident. The driver who is intoxicated is well aware of his or her inebriated state, and making the decision to get behind the wheel of a car in such a mental state is unacceptable. They not only put their own life at risk, but they put the lives of everyone out on the road with them at risk. It is a travesty that these drivers are out there so often.

And when we say "often," we mean it. The data proves it to be true. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 10,497 deaths related to drunk driving car accidents last year. That is a truly jaw-dropping number of fatal drunk driving accidents, and it reveals the scale and scope of the problem.

Self-driving cars with medical monitoring could be the future

How would you feel if your car was constantly aware of your medical condition and overall health? Would that feel like a good thing, one that made you feel safer and better about your life? Or would it feel like a violation of your privacy, and on some level a little bit weird? No matter how you feel, the prospect of such a vehicle is very real in the coming decades. As self-driving cars continue to be developed and researched, new systems and ideas are taking shape -- and a medically-monitoring autonomous vehicle is just one of these ideas.

There is a clear benefit to such a vehicle: it would go a long way towards preventing car accidents that are precipitated by a medical emergency. With a smart car that could monitor your health, such a self-driving vehicle could then safely assume operation of the vehicle if the driver had, say, a heart attack.

Mediating child custody can be a positive step

Imagine that a divorcing couple has a child, and as they enter discussions about their divorce, it is only a matter of time before child custody is a matter that is discussed. One way that child custody is often handled is through the courts. If the two parents can't agree on legal and/or physical custody, then a judge will need to make the ruling with a child's best interests in mind.

This is likely the worst option for any splitting couple though. With a judge's ruling, it takes the issue out of your hands -- which might sound good on paper, but when implemented you may feel like you could have sculpted a better arrangement if you and your ex-spouse had negotiated and discussed the issue in a rational and calm manner.

Prepare yourself for what comes after a motor vehicle accident

The days that follow a car accident will be stressful and confusing ones for the victims, whether they may or may not be at fault. They will have a lot of questions about their health, their vehicle, their legal situation, and what it all means for them and their family. This fear and uncertainty is perfectly understandable, and today we want to discuss a few common questions that people might have after a car accident in an attempt to quell some of those fears.

Should I receive medical attention after the wreck or go see a doctor? After a crash, you should always receive medical attention or go see your doctor. Not only does this help you heal in a more timely manner, but it will also mean that your injuries are documented and on the record. Additionally, whether another driver is at fault or not, your insurance may cover the costs associated with the medical treatment.

The many different injuries caused by car accidents

As we have outlined in many of our posts recently, car accidents pose serious threats to people out on the road, and they continue to happen at an incredible pace. Many people will be affected everyday as a result of car accidents, and some will even lose their lives. But for the ones who survive the accidents, moderate, severe, or even catastrophic injuries may await them. With that in mind, let's discuss some of the injuries that can be suffered by car accident victims.

Head and back injuries are typical injuries that car accident victims suffer. Your head may strike the dashboard, the windows, or the steering wheel - depending on where you are sitting - in a car accident. This could leave you with a traumatic brain injury (TBI), a fractured skull, a concussion, or even leave you in a coma. All of these injuries can affect other vital systems and organs in your body. Additionally, your back can be severely damaged in a car accident. You could suffer a herniated disk, whiplash, fracture a vertebra, or suffer temporary or permanent paralysis due to damage to your neck or spinal cord.

Pennsylvania car accident leaves many in hospital

Five people were injured in a car accident in Fayetteville, Pennsylvania recently after one vehicle failed to stop at an intersection and plowed into the driver's side door of another vehicle. The crash happened in the middle of the day a few weekends ago. The four people in the vehicle were hospitalized for their injuries, though three of them did not appear to be in serious condition. The driver of the struck vehicle was listed as having possibly suffered serious injuries.

The driver that caused the accident was charged by the police for his negligent driving, though there are no details about his status.

On liability and car accidents

An obviously critical factor after any motor vehicle accident is the concept of liability. Who is at fault in a motor vehicle accident? What does that liability mean for the victims? What happens if there is civil litigation after a car accident? These are important questions, and it is always better for them to be answered with an attorney by your side.

But before you get to that point, determining and proving liability in the wake of an accident is your priority. So how do you do that?